July 9

Morning services

Jordan Brown will bring us God’s Word from Psalm 99, “Why God deserves your praise”.

Chinese service

Rev Gerald Vanderwert will continue the sermon series on the Gospel of Matthew.

Evening service

We extend a warm welcome to Bob Mendelsohn, National Director of Jews for Jesus. He will demonstrate and speak about Christ in the Passover (Exodus 12).

Sunday School

Is now in recess and will resume on July 23.


Please consider signing the Barnabas Fund Petition to support Freedom of Religion in Australia and overseas. Copies are available in the foyer and the church hall.

In Recess

The Connect Groups are now in recess.

Linc Pantry

Items needed: Tinned spaghetti, Weetbix cereal, savoury dry biscuits, snack meals, coffee and honey. Thank you!


Security cameras have now been installed and are operational on the church property.

Duty Roster

Helpers are needed to serve on the duty roster—Welcome and morning tea. If you are able to help, please email the office.