July 8

Morning Services

Rev Gerald Vanderwert will bring us God’s Word from Genesis 26, ’Our Interventionist God’.

Chinese Service

Rev Tamloy Lai will bring God’s Word.

Evening Service

Pastor Craig Richardson will bring us the message from Galatians 2:1-10, ‘Unity and Freedom’.

Sunday School

Is now in recess for the school holidays and will resume on July 22.

In Recess

The ESL Classes, Connect Groups, Playgroup and Youth Group are in recess for the school holidays.

Duty Roster

This is an opportunity to serve on the duty roster. If you would like to come early and welcome folks to the service or are happy to help with morning tea, please email the office or sign up in the foyer.

Coin for Missions

If you have any coins, consider dropping them in the Coins for Missions box located in the church hall. This will help to meet the urgent needs of missionaries.

Music Ministry

Team Meeting: Sunday July 8 @ 4 pm.
A time of fellowship, playing, singing and learning. Come, encourage and be encouraged.
Singers for the 6:30pm service
Guitarists and bass players across all services
Pianists for 8:30am and 6:30pm services especially.
If you would like to serve in the music ministry, please contact Natalie or Arthur.

Catechism Exam

Are you looking for something positive for your children to do during the school holidays? Something that parents and children can do together? The 2018 Catechism Experience might be just what you're looking for. Learning these questions and their answers gives children the opportunity to learn some important biblical truths. But it also gives parents the opportunity to talk with their children about faith - and this is a conversation that many parents can find hard to start.
The chance to win a prize can be a good motivation too. You can find all the resources you need at
If you are interested, please speak to Gerald or Craig.